Small Group FAQ

SFMBC is a church of small groups. We believe the real Christian maturity occurs in Small Groups where members put into action the 5 purposes given in the Bible by Jesus Christ. These 5 purposes are fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship. It is our desire that spiritual seekers become transformed believers of Jesus Christ who model Purpose Driven lives and motivate others to do the same.

A host is the person who is willing to offer him/herself to assist the members lead a purpose driven life. A host generally (but not necessarily) provides the place to study together, food/snacks. The host will also facilitate a rotation for members to organize group discussions.

Anyone can host a small group as long as they fit the requirements. Please see “Do I need any special requirements to be a small group host? ” for details.

SFMBC is a church of small groups. Realistically, if you are not in a small group, you are losing an important connection to our church and your Christian life. Of course, you can be a member of SFMBC and not be in a small group, but it is our desire that you will grow spiritually by being part of one.

Not at all! If you have the desire to be a host of a small group, then the important thing is that you will continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will guide you with your leadership as you continue to pray to the Lord. The small group curriculum is the Biblical expert teaching.

We ask that the host be a SFMBC member that should not be struggling with any moral issues; drugs, alcohol, cohabitation, or have any marital struggles (divorce in process, separation etc.) and must accept the Bible as their authority of belief.

A small group should start with at least 3 people, but there is no top limit as long as there is one group facilitator for about every 10 people.

This is up to you. Small group meetings can be held at your home, at a restaurant, or even in public places. If the group is meeting at a person’s residence who is not a member of SFMBC, we ask that the host has fulfilled the Host Requirements. Please take note of any rules and regulations of any public place you meet at. Due to space limitations, SFMBC cannot offer rooms for any group meetings.

Our pastors have plenty of materials that are highly recommended. We ask that you do not use materials from outside as these are not approved materials. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Brian.

No. It is not required. Most groups have been defined either English speaking or Mandarin speaking. If you have any questions about any particular group, please contact us and we can let you know a group’s language before you visit.

Although food may encourage fellowship and better concentration, it is not a requirement during the meetings.